"Ten years ago my wife caught me viewing pornography on the internet. I wish I could say that was the 1st time but it was in fact the 4th time. To my wife’s credit she gave me an ultimatum: 'Get help now or get out!' As a result I was fortunate to find a church that offered support and accountability and found the help that I needed.

"The men that I came to know and trust revealed to me that I had deeper issues than pornography. Issues such as loneliness and low self-esteem, which had lead me to become isolated. The truth was I had been medicating my pain through pornography since I was 11-years old and had become addicted. I needed help. The road to recovery has not been easy and at times I have stumbled badly. With hope and belief I had others to turn to, I learned to be vulnerable and that has brought me to a place in my life that I have broken the bonds of isolation." — DC, St. Paul, MN